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 Professor Inoue will hold the next Tokyo Live Webinar “Endoscopy One”, on May 21, 2022. The topic is How to manage postoperative bleeding in POEM “Be Prepared!”

This time, we will focus on postoperative bleeding in POEM through two distinguished mini-lectures by Drs. Yuto Shimamura and Raina Fujiyoshi with anchored by Dr. Hitomi Minami. During the Webinar, they and the special guest commentators, Prof. Seewald, Dr. Bechara and Kevin Grimes, will join the discussion and answer your questions. Don’t miss this outstanding opportunity!

We will offer the outstanding opportunity to accept your questions and discuss them during the live webinar.

Free of charge‼

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Date: Saturday, May 21, 2022 (one hour)
Time: Zurich 2:00 pm, Tokyo 9:00 pm, New York 8:00 am

Title: How to manage postoperative bleeding in POEM “Be Prepared!”

MC: Hitomi MINAMI (Nagasaki, Japan)
Moderators:Philip CHIU (Hong Kong), Haru INOUE (Tokyo, Japan)
Speakers: Yuto SHIMAMURA (Tokyo, Japan), Raina FUJIYOSHI (Canada)
Commentators: Stefan Seewald (Switzerland), Robert Bechara (Canada), Kevin Grimes (USA)

We look forward to meeting you at the Webinar.

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