Digestive Diseases Center, Showa University Koto Toyosu Hospital

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【NEW】TOKYO Live Endoscopy One “POEM & 3rd space endoscopy” hands-on training course 2023 July 8-9, 2023
【NEW】Tokyo Live Webinar “Endoscopy One” 2023, Apr.29th!! ★”Novel endoscopic treatment for GERD: Anti-reflux mucoplasty (ARM-P).”
Tokyo Live Webinar “Endoscopy One” 2023, Jan.28th!! ★Endoscopic anti-reflux procedure 2023 “From ARMA to ARMS+C” 
Tokyo Live Webinar “Endoscopy One” 2022, Nov.26th!! ★Endoscopic mucosal plasty for the treatment of multiple Schatzki ring
Tokyo Live Webinar “Endoscopy One” 2022, October 22th!! ★Tissue Closing Method Loop9 and Loop10: Which is Better?
Tokyo Live Webinar “Endoscopy One” 2022, September 10th!! ★“Loop 10” Novel method to close tissue defect
★★★★★ Tokyo Live Endoscopy One 2022 Video-on-demand Delivery !!
How to make “Loop 9”. You can check the video!!
Tokyo Live Webinar “Endoscopy One”, May 21th!! How to manage postoperative bleeding in POEM “Be Prepared!”
Tokyo Live Webinar “Endoscopy One”, Apr. 30★ “Loop 9”: How to make it by yourself?★

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